Wednesday, February 26, 2014

“What’d I Miss’ – Feb’s Meeting Recap

So what’d you miss? This annual mixed meeting thing is turning out to be a popular gathering – nearly 25 Stonefly Maidens joined the TVTU group at the Lucky Lab to hear Jason Borger present about Approach & Presentation to trout fishing. Jason spoke at this same meeting two years ago and is resoundingly entertaining. He is a very dynamic and personable speaker with a seeming innate ability to captivate his audiences – no matter how diverse they may be. Jason – the son of Gary Borger – in his own has and is carving his niche in the industry. His fantastic presentation in 2012 revolved around his experience consulting and performing as stand-in [aka Stuntman] for THE movie [yes. That one. Cue the sigh ladies – Brad and Craig – shadow casting – that was actually Jason! By the way – that presentation was a great one as well and if you ever have a chance to hear him retell it – don’t miss it!]. Jason is also an accomplished illustrator – not only penning impromptu images for TVTU members but also doing the illustrating for many of his father’s early books.

But let’s back up a bit……

To start off, there appeared to be close to 60 persons in attendance; we have differing counts but were definitely north of the 55 number. Hopefully everyone enjoyed it as much as those who gave some immediate feedback – an overwhelming YAY! We hoped for enough folks that Ron pulled out all the stops and with a donation of a couple of raffle items from the Stonefly Maidens, had 10 items up for draw – including a nice 5-wt flyrod; we also had a door prize for everyone to have a chance just for attending!

Next up Andy noted that the 2014 OUTING SCHEDULE has been set! Check out the dates and mark your calendars – TVTU and the Clackamas River Chapters have teamed on some good trips – this year is no exception! There is a good mix of easy local trips to get you warmed up for the season, the good standard of traditional trips popular with many through the years and there is a smattering of new adventures for those willing to try a new spot. Eyeball the list – pick some dates/locales and join us on some of the best water in the state! Trying something new – go ahead – ask; there is bound to be someone who can help with technique, gear, methods, flies etc. For more information and any questions please CONTACT our man of the outings – Andy Andrews.

Jason Borger.....Renaissance Man of the Industry
That brings us to Jason Borger – as noted above, Jason is an exceptional public speaker and has his presentations honed. As a kid, I had the fortune to sit with his dad Gary for a weekend and tie flies in a class – he was a genuinely nice person as memory serves, especially to this – oh must have been pre-teen aged pain in the arse. Jason is every bit of what I recall his father is and more. His ability to interject stories and personal experience captivates those who attend. I will not try to retell his story but Jason outlined a seemingly basic mantra that many have a tendency to overlook or simply forget in their excitement when they fish these days. Approach and Presentation – take it slow; observe; pattern; attack only once. Act like the natural predator that we are!

The general idea is to understand the viewpoints of both predator [you] and prey [trout]. 

Prey: note what the trout sees [water distortion]; understand what they fear [noise and sudden overhead movement]; learn how the dynamics of the water type and depths control these factors [scientifically think about refraction angles and water movement from under water]; act accordingly [approach slowly; attack quickly – no flailing!].

Predator: take your visual cues – pattern what the prey is doing [given time animals in all environments have routine be it feeding or swimming or resting]; control your approach – attack once [position yourself to take advantage; base your attack on what you have observed; learn to control your casts/casting]; you may not look romantic or cool in the river but you will be more effective. Next time you are on the water – look for the cues. Observe the masters - find a heron, BE the heron!

Be the Master
Join us next month – MARCH 12 - when Lizanne Saunders with World Salmon Council will present on their Salmon Watch program. Andy Andrews among a few others in our group have participated in many of these educational efforts and finds them rewarding, educational and advantageous for many of our area youth.

Hope to see YOU there!

P.S. For those interested – especially the Maidens – this is not our only combined meeting! The July Picnic is a combination groups meet as well – put that on the calendar and consider providing a silent auction item [new or gently used] as well as a side dish/dessert!