Monday, February 24, 2014


Miller Lake.................Andy and a new buddy
Continuing to strive to provide all sorts of opportunities and excitement for our members - Outing Director Andy Andrews has published the...

New spots, favorite spots, camping trips, day trips, weekends, weekdays - he has you covered! No excuses not to make one if not all!
Andy works hard with our friends at the Clackamas River Chapter to combine for a whopping TEN events for the 2014 season. Running from April through October the opportunities abound!!
Grab your tube, your rod, your dog, your better half - plan on adding to the pot luck dinners when they happen - and enjoy a day or days on some of the best water in Oregon!
Look forward to meeting new folks, seeing new waters, or even learning some tricks - ask about and we'll do what we can to get you on the water and into fish!


April 12 - Lost Lake [Clatsop County]
May 2-5 - South Twin Lake [Central Oregon]
June 20-23 - Timothy Lake [Mt Hood]
July 10-15 - Chewaucan River [South central Oregon]
July 24-27 - Clackamas Chapter Kids Camp [VOLUNTEER!]
July 27 - Barney Reservoir [Yamhill]
August 15-18 - Miller Lake [central Oregon]
September 9 - Goose Lake [Washington State]
September 17-22 - Fall River [central Oregon]
October 17-20 - Deschutes River [central Oregon]

THE FINE PRINT: all overnight outings the red and white TU flag will be flown to help you locate our camp area. The outings planned by TU for the 2014 season are all planned in good faith. All mileages given, and travel times are best estimates. The barbecues are planned for Saturday night but there probably will NOT be a barbecue if Andy is unable to attend the outing. However, we cannot foresee road closures, fires, weather issues, pestilence or other factors that can affect the areas where we have planned our outings.  Therefore, it is strongly advised that you call Andy to verify that the advertised trip is still scheduled.

Best TU Flag picture we have........Andy has a nice pole to fly it proud and high!