Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Clean. Drain. Dry.

Balk all you want about invasive species permits but once again they are working; what percentage get caught - I have not researched but this makes it worth it [as does the published fact it's happening! Clean up your crafts!]

Zebra Mussels...BOOOOOO!   Photo: ODFW
Invasive Zebra mussels found on boat from Ohio
Friday, April 24, 2015

ONTARIO, Ore – Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife technicians today discovered Zebra mussels on a boat at the Ontario boat inspection station. The boat being hauled from Lake Erie in Ohio is the first vessel of the 2015 inspection season found to be infested with the invasive mussels. The station opened in March.

The commercial driver hauling the Ohio watercraft pulled in for inspection. Motorists hauling boats in Oregon are required to stop at inspection stations to have their watercraft checked for aquatic invasive species under a 2011 Oregon law. Failure to stop at an inspection station could result in a $110 fine.

The boat had a moderate number of adult Zebra mussels around the propeller shaft and under the stern in the drain plug area. It was decontaminated at the inspection station with high-pressure and hot water.

“The driver did the right thing.......". Thank you commercial hauler!