Saturday, April 25, 2015

ODFW Open Seats...

Tom 'Salem' Wolf sent us the following this past Thursday letting us know the current status of the ODFW commission spots that are open. Kate Brown will nominate and appoint [with approval] the positions:

This morning the Governor's office announced the nomination of 2 candidates for the open ODFW Commission spots.
They are-
Jason Atkinson: former state senator for District 2 spot (Walden's district).
Bruce Buckmaster: Safe for Salmon (gillnetter group) representative from District 1 (Bonimici's district).

There will be a public meeting next Wednesday [April 29] on the 2 candidates in Salem. Then they will go before Senate Rules Committee in May. If they are approved there, the full Senate will vote on them for confirmation.

If confirmed, they will start in their positions right away.
Tom Wolf
Executive Director
Oregon Council Trout Unlimited