Monday, May 16, 2016

Clackamas received some trees!

Mark updated us [with pics] on the C4C tree placement effort on May 7th; good work folks:

North Logan Natural Area on the Clack
Christmas for Coho is a year around project for TVTU - it's not just for after Christmas anymore! On May 7th .....
volunteers, aged 10 to...let's just leave it at 'older'....from Tualatin River TU, Clackamas River TU and a couple of non-members made their way to Metro's North Logan Natural Area on the Clackamas River. The team was led by Alex Salazar of the CRTU chapter; Ben Walczak our local ODFW biologist joined to direct placement. Other conservation partners have been working to restore several river side channels in this area for the past 10 years or more. They have created a wonderful site for a quiet walk and excellent riverine habitat. We added 500 donated holiday trees to the large woody material that was previously placed in the channels. Fry appeared like magic under the trees immediately upon placement.

We'll take that as a big thank you!

Mark Rogers

Do you like what your see? We have another placement party scheduled for June 11th; let us know if you want to help!   <<<CLICK HERE TO HELP>>>.