Saturday, May 21, 2016


Photo: RTFF
In case you do not get the weekly newsletter from Joel at Royal Treatment [which you might consider SIGNING UP for; bottom right of the RTFF home page], we thought we would pass on the information just released. As we noted in our recap from this month’s MEETING WITH HAL GORDON, he and Joel have schemed to get you and others outdoors and looking for some of our resident state dwellers.

Designated the OREGON TROUT TRAIL,.....
they have assembled a great cast of characters for you to pursue. Catch, “keep ‘em wet” photograph, and release them and get on the board. Preregistration is required; no deadline to register or play. There are a few guidelines to follow but they made it as easy as possible.

The list varies from what we thought it might be but understandably and from a conservation and preservation standpoint – it makes all the sense in the world. The listed species for qualifying for a certificate are:
  • Steelhead [wild]
  • Coastal Cutthroat
  • Sea Run Cutthroat
  • West Side Rainbow
  • East Side Rainbow [Columbia Redband]
  • Bull Trout
Are you game?
Check it and register on the RTFF WEBSITE.
Be sure to have fun, find adventure and be kind!
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