Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In case you missed the ACTION ALERT on the Klamath Basin discussions....

In an email ACTION ALERT from TU, there is movement to try and advance the hearings on the Klamath Basin water discussions. Complete with contacts and forms ready to go you can be involved in urging progress on this important topic - there are many voices involved but equitable solutions should be attainable for all:

Dear TU Member,Take
This summer's dry forecast will put a strain on farmers, tribes, and fishermen in the Klamath Basin. With each passing day the need for cooperative solutions becomes even clearer. And the cost of doing nothing increases even more. The Klamath River settlement agreements are the best way forward. The agreements are supported by the Klamath irrigation districts, ranchers, tribes, commercial fishermen, the dam operator, and conservation groups-more than 40 parties in all. Support for the agreements can end decades of disputes over water allocation and dam operations by the hydropower project and reopen more than 400 miles of steelhead and salmon habitat.
The United States Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources chaired by Senator Ron Wyden is showing leadership by setting June 20th as a hearing date for the Klamath Settlement Agreements. But in order for this hearing to lead to action, we need to make it clear to Congress just how much is at stake.
Visit our action center today to send a message to the Energy Committee in support of the Klamath.

Brian J. Johnson
California Director
Trout Unlimited

Drew Irby
Chair, California Council
Trout Unlimited

Tom Wolf
Chair, Oregon Council
Trout Unlimited