Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oregon TU new hire - Intro!

Tom Wolf in a recent email and at the State Council meeting this last week let us all know that Oregon TU has hired someone in SW Oregon whom TU believes is going to be an outstanding representative for TU. Dean Finnerty is someone you may have heard of. He comes with a letter of reference from none other than the legendary Frank Moore, whom he considers a surrogate grandfather. Dean is a life-long sportsman, a fishing and hunting guide who has guided in many of the places you all know and love, and is a retiring police officer for the city of Cottage Grove. In short, the ideal candidate.
We can't be happier than to have found Dean and we are going to do good things for cold water fisheries in the state of Oregon with him on the Team! Please welcome Dean.

Speaking of the future, I've recently accepted an amazing job offer from Trout Unlimited.  I begin immediately working full time for TU as the new Southwest Oregon field representative for the Sportsman's Conservation Project.  I'll be working with a wide variety of stakeholders on issues related to high quality habitat for Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, Deer, Elk and other wildlife throughout the region.  I'll be primarily focused on working with groups on the "Copper/Salmon Wilderness area" in the upper Elk River Water Shed as well as the "Elk River Salmon Enhancement Area" (ERSEA) near Port Orford, Oregon.  I'll also be working on the "O&C Lands" issues as that legislation moves forward in the coming months.
Dean starts July 1 - welcome Dean!
Dean and an Oregon Bull    -Matt Stansberry