Monday, June 24, 2013

Legislative Updates

The Legislative Page has been updated with latest information - most importantly the TWO priority Bills for TU.
Suction Dredge Mining has been watered down into a new bill - SB 838; it needs some help*.
Large Woody Debris - PASSED.
There has been a good amount of activity with many bills tracked by TU being passed.....more >>
If there are any questions or comments please contact our state TU rep - Tom Wolf. We will continue to try and update our members on the latest! Thanks for your efforts and desire to get involved!

* Senators Girod, Starr and Roblan are important to this effort because they are swing votes - if these are your Senators let them know your feelings. If they are not, contact YOUR STATE SENATOR and CC: those noted above with your concerns and hopefully support of HB 838.

Suggested comments may include:
- support for SB 838, which would regulate and address a practice which damages Oregon's rivers and streams. SB 838 would increase regulations, monitoring and lower the number of permits.
- speak as fisherman/outdoorsman to voice concern about the studies which show that suction dredge mining has a negative impact on habitat for salmon young, eggs and the macro invertebrates they feed on.
- the need for increased regulation and limitation due to the major increase in numbers of suction dredge miners in the state lately.
- the need to lower the permit numbers in a fair way and increase permit costs to provide money for monitoring and enforcement for protection of the states resources.
- the important fact this only limits a destructive process and that many alternative non-threatening mining alternatives remain for many citizens of Oregon.