Friday, June 21, 2013

Timothy Lake outing - June 28-July 1

Timothy Lake outing is on tap for NEXT WEEKEND!! This is a long-standing and tour de force outing in the TVTU/Clackamas Chapter roster of adventures.
Instead of trying to come up with something new to entice you, or ruining stories of past adventures to the North Arm Campground with fellow TU'ers that will no doubt be regaled again, we are rewinding the wayback clock to a time in the somewhat relatively recent past [depending on one's perspective] and linking a post from our esteemed member and former president Hank Hosfield. If there is any inkling of which event to attend this year - Timothy Lake should be on your list of the top 3 on the calendar. Without further ado:


I cannot attest to the campground prices noted in that 2009 article [no doubt they have gone up] but coincidentally it appears Andy Andrews [our chief organizer] will be making this his first trip again to Timothy as he was somewhat hamstrung for the earlier trips this year - do look for the Road Kill Grill and some equally appetizing entree meal during the weekend [bring a potluck dish to add side choices]. Contact Andy for added info or a courtesy RSVP.