Monday, July 8, 2013

A lot going on - get busy TVTU!

Just to reacquaint you with important goings-on for this month:

July 10 Member Meeting: COOK PARK [shelter #3] - the annual potluck TVTU picnic [don't get caught by yourself at the Lucky Lab!] - food, conversation, casting course, and silent auction!

July 12-15 Miller Lake Outing! Expose yourself to this unique fishery - not only the B I G brown trout potential but also one of only two places in Oregon allowing 24-hour fishing. We will be shorthanded [no Andy] this trip so no gourmet TVTU dinner - but a few of us will still be there and can share a table and conversation! Look for the TVTU flag!

!! W O R K   P A R T Y   C A N C E L L E D !! 
July 27 and 28 Conservation - TWO days worth!! Make up for those times you meant to get out and do good on the adopted homewaters of TVTU - the Necanicum! Pick one day or both - we could use the help! Contact Michael!