Sunday, July 14, 2013

Annual Picnic - Done Deal!

The TVTU picnic came off without a hitch again this year - though the casting course was conspicuously absent without Andy [oops!]. Great weather and better food - thanks to Hank H and Dick H [clack chapter] for doing the grill duties - exceptional preparations guys! Mike and Ron organized the auction and some donations came in [just over $200!! Thanks all participants!] with bounty going out - well done!
Tom Wolf - esteemed man of all things Salem - has returned from the capitol city now that the session is over - Welcome back! And we hope to have a legislative wrap-up soon for everyone...
Finally, a hearty THANK YOU to those who showed up and shared their stories and camaraderie - all told a good time with a couple of newer faces as well.
No photos though - so if you weren't there you don't know what you missed. Maybe next year? We certainly hope so!

And speaking of next year - would a weekend venue be better or not for more attendees? Any other thoughts that kept YOU from being there that we can improve?