Sunday, July 21, 2013

Toxic introductions in water....?

With much information recently on the levels of non-natural items coursing through our waterways from documented man-made sources - medications, hormones, birth control etc - stuff that we wash through our own bodies that ends up passing through treatment facilities and entering the river systems, there was little mention of what the effect of adding flouride to the Portland water system would have. This was somewhat surprising but was one item that seemed to be missing.In finally remembering to see if there was any effect - the embedded video [all 31 minutes of it] pops up on the internet....
one that specifically talks about the recent PDX discussion and measure that ultimately did not pass [for a second time].
Interesting food for thought as adding anything to the complete Portland water SUPPLY will increase multi-fold the levels that reach the waterways - this makes the source ALL water entering the waste system and ALL water run-off.