Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SB 838 - On to the Governor!

July 7 - from Capitol Tom:

SB 838 [the modified version of the Suction Dredge mining bill] passed by a 33-27 vote of the party lines [except for one 'aye' (or 'nay') apparently]! So SB 838 is off to the Governor! It is not the full text initially desired but is a start with some good clauses and responsible thought included.

Also SB 830, funding bill for ODFW/WDFW Columbia River gill net bans, just came out of Ways and Means and the Senate over the weekend. It should get a floor vote in House early this week.

FInally a newly tracked bill - SB 839 - is following BS 830 around to the House after passing through the Senate. 839 is a Water Resources bill that appropriates funds and issues grants on water use projects; it will creat a task force with advisory capacities to to adopt rules establishing methodology for determining seasonally varying flows for certain specified projects.*

Long day in Salem for a Sunday but worth it.


* If this author  understands the text correctly - which may not fully be the case after weeding it down to a short blurb.....obviously, water use and how it goes through our waterways is of great concern for many users. Jeff P