Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 26 - October 1
Fall River, Central Oregon

Next weekend you will find TVTU members on the Fall River! Fall River Campground will be the spot to stay and keep warm by the campfire with tales of tails! This small 12 site campground out of La Pine has been the TVTU home-away-from-home for the popular Fall River outing for a good number of years and is a nice spot to base camp - with open camping sites there is room to share as well.
Even if you cannot make the entire trip duration - plan on stopping by as your schedule allows - look for the red TU  flag and join the others at the campfire or on the river. We really would like to have you there whether you know the river or not this is your chance to meet and greet and LEARN with others in the Chapter.

Andy displays the TU flag for easy camp I.D.!!!
For more information CONTACT ANDY ANDREWS [or phone him 971-4 0 9-6149] - always working to ensure a good trip! Camping is $10/night through the typical campground fee station [passes probably work as well]. Coordinate your dishes for a potluck cookout - there is a BBQ on Saturday night  - meat/entre provided bring a side dish, chips, or salad to share - it is a feast to behold! And a RSVP for the trip would be appreciated as well.

The Fall River:
The Fall is a 12 mile spring creek that starts near Lapine and dumps into the Deschutes.  And though rare, I've seen 5 or more bug hatches in the air at the same time so its a real bug factory.  Green Drakes, Western Leadwings ( Adams pattern and yes, big ones like 10 and 12's) and most all standard patters will work their magic on fish you cannot see, even though this is a spring creek shallow enough to wade in most spots.  Cold water, lots of bugs, weeds and big fish up to 20 inches.  

Prepare well as the nights are cold with temps around freezing with 25 degrees not uncommon.  The lowest I've seen was 18.  The days are usually sunny and warm.  There will be BBQ on Saturday night with the meat provided but it would be nice if those attending provide chips and dip, salad or some other food to share with the group.

Check the OUTINGS PAGE - also on the WEBSITE - for more information on this and the next scheduled trips!