Friday, April 4, 2014

Food and water - necessities of LIFE!

Take Action
In case you don't get notices from national/state TU - this is a repost of an ACTION ALERT emailed to members this morning. Consider the evidence and voice your opinions - they ARE asking afterall!

As a TU member in salmon and steelhead country, we need your voice to let the Pacific Fisheries Management Council know sport fishermen want better protections on the fish that our salmon and steelhead feed on in the open ocean.

Pacific forage fish such as sand lace, squid, sardines and whitebait smelt play a crucial role in the lives salmon and steelhead. When these little fish congregate in massive bait balls at the mouths of our rivers they provide a source of alternative prey, working as a cover against a gauntlet of seabirds, seals and larger fish as outmigrating salmon and steelhead smolt. They also provide a crucial food source, accounting for nearly half the diet composition of Chinook salmon.
Protecting forage fish is also a good return on our investment. We spend countless hours working to protect the existing wild runs we have, while trying to improve their habitat. Sending them to a life in the ocean where their food is abundant is crucial to any work we do in fresh water.

As TU Members in the salmon states, we have the power to give public opinion to the Pacific Fisheries Management Council. Letting them know you support better forage fish management will give them the support they need to move forward with a solid Forage Fish Policy.

Send a letter today.


Dwayne Meadows
Pacific Northwest Outreach Director