Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What'd I miss? April Edition...

Another installment brings us into spring....and some forecast NICE weather! Maybe some of you were away or planning to get away [hopefully to the Saturday TVTU outing......] - regardless, we have you covered! A shortened version of course - can't give it all away or nobody would show up! Hopefully, there is worth in recapping meetings in that folks who've been missing out will come to a few that they see as interesting - we do have a lot of bases covered with the presenters!
So without further ado........
On the 9th there were about 33 folks who braved the sun and came out to the Lucky Lab Multnomah Village for the April general meeting; not too bad - we even had 3 brave new members who spoke up and introduced themselves - THANKS! - we look forward to seeing more of each of you!

Erle [el Presidente] had a few words/reminders:
  • Women membership drive: special free membership for first time female folks has been extended by TU; sign up any interested women you know - we appreciate the diversity!
  • Also for women who signed up last year through the free membership: renewals for this year - special rate of $17.50! To take advantage check out TU SPECIAL RATE RENEWAL.
  • May 14 General Meeting speaker will be Joel LaFollette - New Destinations.
Andy [Man of the Outing] reminded everyone not only of the first outing of 2014 to Lost Lake [you missed it if  you didn't go last Saturday] but also of the first CAMPOUTING for 2014 to South Twin! Being a campout, TVTU provides an entre at a Saturday barbecue for attendees - please bring a contribution side dish! Look to attend on May 2-5 [or any combination of days in that time frame that meet your schedule].

Dick Hollenbeck - newly placed State Council Vice-Chair and long-time Clackamas Chapter President - gave notice that through  the reorganization of the State Council, he and Terry Turner, Chair will be working to provide more outreach and transparency in the State Council. This is welcome news! Key points:
  • Rebuilding Upper Willamette/McKenzie River Chapter
  • New Grants Pass/Medford area chapter
  • New Wild North Coast Chapter
  • develop a Strategic Plan for Oregon
  • A state Secretary is needed - have some time and wish to get involved? Contact Dick.through the Clackamas River Chapter.
  • May 31 is the next Oregon State Council meeting.
Dick also noted that Clackamas Chapters Youth Camp is coming up in July. On the 24-27 the Chapter organizes a Kids Camp for about 15 kids in the Collowash/Fish Lake/Ollalie Scenic area. They draw 10-14 metro area kids and usually a few from northern California as well including some Military Family sponsored kids to share streamside biology/entomology/orienteering/ecology as well as fly fishing and fly tying. They do need volunteers so if you're interested get in touch with the Clackamas River Chapter; you can volunteer for a day or the entire weekend [background checks are required for anyone staying overnight with the Kids Camp volunteers].

Jerry Lorang - board member and News(letter) Man - updated all on Project Healing Waters; their first outing to Hornings Hideout went well - everyone caught fish except the person who didn't actually want to - so there was success all around! Jerry works tirelessly with the Veterans Program [PHW] providing many outings throughout the year as well as workshops for returning veterans teaching fundamentals of fly fishing and fly tying. There are several dedicated assistants in the Chapter including Ron Reinebach; if you have interest - contact Jerry!

Jerry also works with FFACS [Fly Fishing Arts and Conservation Society] - and was pleased to announce that the TVTU board voted to donate the Chapter's portion of 2013 proceeds to Salmon Watch. The Chapter donated $700 to sponsor a classroom from Tuality Middle School.

Scott Richmond - featured speaker, author and man behind Westfly - chomped his way through the last of his pizza to step forward and begin his discussion on the 7 Seasons of the Deschutes. And by my count - he hit all 7! Didn't leave a one out!

I'm swapping Scott's order of presenting to provide it on a calendar year basis - plus, it starts with Whitefish which though some folks seem to think is useless trash is actually a great NATIVE fish found in many of Oregon's waterways - don't disrespect this much maligned fish!
Jan-Feb: Whitefish! Tolerates the COLD temps and COLD water - and therefore is WAYYYY more active than the more colored trouts of the Deschutes. Scott's Tip: Slow it down; size it down [SMALL is the key] and looks for a fish - they group - where you find one, you'll find many more! ENJOY!
Feb-April: BWO's: they hatch, they catch! Potentially the BEST dry fly fishing the river has to offer. Usually a mid-afternoon affair - works with warming temps for those fearful of cold canyons on the Deschutes. Look for slow water; look to smallish flies - try 18's. Scott's Tip: BWO = most important fly for western rivers and those that fish them. Sparkle Dunn - 18; Olive Body.
May-June: Salmonflies and Golden Stones; probably the most popular/prominent fishery for this system. Evening hatchers who spend nights in the grass; fish the shorelines in morning and afternoons as they will be leaving the grass hotels to spawn in the water. Bank edges, seams. Water temps are the key - they dictate when the hatch occurs. Also watch temps along the length of the river - the hatch moves south as the upper reaches warm. Scott's Fave: Clarks Stonefly; accurate easy caster and an easy tie so when you lose them.....#6/8 on a 4x long hook. Scott's Tip: dont' forget the nymphs! WARNING! Watch for spawning fish and redds - keep of these fish! They are the future!
July: CADDIS! Fish all day; catch all day; bugs ALL day! Early adn late will be big production times though. Scott's Fave: Elk Hair Caddis and X-Caddis; #14/16. Scott's Tip: don't neglect those wets in your box!
August-mid-Sept: Steel. They Are What They Are and They Are Where They Are! Fish REAL; early and as late as possible [but don't forget your flashlight three miles upriver from where you parked your boat.....]. Scott's Tip: Be Mind Tolerant of Tedium and have Faith! Outsmart the anglers - not the fish. Scott's Fave: Freight Train and GBS; he's a classics man. Hit riffled water. Bonus Tip: fish for carp - especially on the lower river sections! You might be surprised as many outfight the best of a hatchery steelhead. WARNING! Watch heat stress - on the fish! be mindful of the effects on our finned friends.
mid-Sept-October: more Steel and OCTOBER Caddis. This is the month of the smorgasbord: October Caddis, BWO, Stonefly reappearance. Fish galore throughout the entire system - BUT FOCUS!! Scott's Tip: Target a species and stick to it - or you may catch nothing.
Nov-Dec: Steelhead with fewer people! Runs continue through December; and don't forget a B-run taking a sneak peak into the lowest sections on their trip to Idaho.

And of course - who can forget the shameless plug for a local Author! Look for the following in a local fly shop or book store [links are to Amazon for reviews/info etc]; or contact Scott through his WEBSITE.

Scott's Books of note:
So that seems rather comprehensive? Well, not really - Scott gave many more tidbits for those who came to hear him [they also got some discounted book sales!]; so consider showing for the next meeting - never know what you might learn or who you might meet!

See you in MAY!