Friday, April 18, 2014

Tom giving out the 411....

Tom Wolf on the front lines sent out this update yesterday; the Pacific Fisheries Management Council had a meeting last week - that he attended on behalf of OCTU [part of his Man of Action duties he volunteers his TU time towards]. A portion of their discussions revolved around forage fish and sustaining populations....obviously, as other fisheries are overwhelmed with take, attentions turn to more numerous and previously unheralded food fishes. Of late, the concerns are these are now the forage fishes that our 'target' or 'high-end' species rely on for survival - thus adding to the depletion sources.

Tom reports: ......
Last week I attended and testified before the PFMC Commissioners about providing management for [currently] unmanaged ocean forage fish, an effort lead by Dwayne Meadows of TU and that the Oregon Council and chapters sent letters of support. With an overwhelming amount of support PFMC is moving now to manage these forage fish, the diet of salmon in the ocean. Below is an article in The Columbian about the hearing and decision.


Thanks Tom! The Council's Decision Summary document can be read by clicking <HERE>.