Sunday, April 13, 2014

Speaking of C4C......

Michael did a quick tally awhile back of volunteer hours from the great participation for Christmas for Coho. The calculations show:

30 volunteers for the drop sites over 3 days = 321 hours
6 volunteers for tree placement = 36 hours
9 volunteers for hauling trees from McKenzie Farms = 56 hours

Add that all together and you get a respectable 413 project hours total!! That is just straight hours - not the periphery hours for coordination and set-up etc. Not a bad bit of information and something the TVTU members should be proud of!

So what does this mean?

Based on some nationally recognized labor value numbers published for non-profit volunteer effort that would be a WHOPPING monetary value of....


Obviously, without all of the participation from TVTU like yourselves we could not provide the improvements that we are able to - THANK YOU!
Do you want to help?
Contact Michael!!
and come to a Project near YOU!