Friday, October 17, 2014

Derry Dell Update & PROJECT...

Mark Rogers compiled and forwarded this update and photos as well as a reminder for a WORK PARTY [October 26] on Derry Dell in Tigard.......its CLOSE and could use a few hours of your time!

New Derry Dell flood plan.....Mark Rogers

Following the TVTU project day in October of 2013, we posted a BRIEF REPORT on the recent history of Derry Dell creek. In March of this year we volunteered another work day removing invasive weeds and planting stream-side natives. As mentioned in the RECENT UPDATE, the City of Tigard has been working on the creek for nearly a decade. This summer the next big step: placement of a new fish and wildlife friendly culvert under Walnut Street has been progressing and is nearly complete. The project was delayed at the beginning of summer as crews waited for the youngsters of the resident beaver family to move out of the area. As of this past week, water is flowing through the new culvert around and over well placed boulders, cobble and gravel and into the newly meandered creek bed below. This opens the upper creek to the cutthroat that have been confirmed in the lower creek as well as some Coho who seem to be populating many corners of the Tualatin basin. The two forks of Derry Dell creek flow year round off Bull Mountain through a greenway down to Fanno creek at Woodard Park. Most of the 2+ miles of greenway includes a paved public trail except for a half mile section on the West fork that is gravel and some private land at the top of each fork. The upper creek is home to brook lamprey, sculpins, dace, crawdads, several salamander species and Pacific chorus frogs. Great blue and green heron visit on occasion.

Culverts waiting to go in.....Mark Rogers
The last stretch from Walnut Street to Woodard Park and the confluence with Fanno Creek is now publicly owned. The construction crew is currently extending the trail through this new section including an elevated walkway, bridge and viewing platform over the newly restored flood-plain. This will connect the Derry Dell trail to the Fanno Creek trail system near Woodard Park.  
Restored/stabilized channel and new trail amenities!....Mark Rogers
Now that riparian and steam bed reconstruction below Walnut street is complete the habitat is ready for the lighter touch of volunteers. Tualatin Valley Trout Unlimited will be the first volunteer group on the site [Sunday OCTOBER 26th from 9am to 1pm]. We will be planting native wetland forbs, hanging wood-duck boxes and caging trees - yes, the beavers are still near by. There are ducks along the creek as well. Hope to see you there!

Restored creek bed.....begging for FORBS!!!......Mark Rogers
FORBS!! FORBS!!! We need FORBS!!!.....Mark Rogers
 - Mark Rogers