Friday, October 24, 2014

Fancy yourself a writer???

For the kick-off of their new Wild Steelhead Initiative and Wild Steelhead United programs Trout Unlimited is running a essay contest....similar to writing those 500 word tomes for English class back in the day but you get a reward beyond exhibition on the refrigerator by mom.....$1000, a public reading and being published in TROUT magazine.

So get out that wide-ruled paper, double space those words and add all the extra adjectives you can mine from the thesaurus and submit your best effort [include the photo and other required elements per the Official Rules] by NOVEMBER 11.

>> INFO at TU <<
From the TU website:

As part of the launch celebration, we are inviting writers to submit essays about their connection to steelhead, the storied fish of coastal streams and major river systems up and down the West Coast. The specific subject is up to you.

Bottom line: We're looking for good stories—tales, thoughts and anecdotes that celebrate our history with such a special fish and inspire the community of wild steelhead anglers to do whatever it takes to ensure that future generations will have the same, or better, opportunities to fish for wild steelhead as we do today.