Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Photo: Friends of the Gorge
In a PREVIOUS POST, we mentioned a few TVTU members [and their friends] had reached out to express concern for the increased oil train traffic traveling along the Oregon waterways – particularly the Deschutes canyon [read OPB article HERE]. Though, the trains have been there and crude needs to be moved westward, the excess has raised concerns for many – especially relative to emergency response and clean-up. OCTU has continued to monitor this and Tom Wolf continues to review the topic with several Oregon Representatives.

Though this is a federal transportation issue with little state control, an on-line petition was generated by several representatives to show concern for Oregon residents. Please consider reviewing and signing – the current approach, is meant to close a loophole in the transportation law to require information and notification of the material transport to be made to first responders. Though the overall aspect of handling spills, funding clean-up and properly training and equipping local responders is not addressed, those issues will continue to be monitored.

[and THANK YOU Tom and OCTU for the effort!]