Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Miller Lake 2014

Our intrepid man of the Oregon wild filled in for Andy at Miller Lake this year - Mark and Crew [comprising of course - Janet, Mollie, Dawson and the Tin Boat] headed up the lonely TVTU team [of themselves] managing to scare up a good time and some fish to boot! Why they were alone is a bit disconcerting and we may have to look into scaling back the schedule for 2015 but regardless Mark filed a report [coming in the newsletter] with PHOTOS!

Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.....

Mark modeling the Tin Boat...
Mark modeling the creek trail bridge...
Miller Lake..no modeling required
An evening at Miller - even less modeling required...
Marks net modeling a 15" BT....before heading back to the lake
Mark reports that although the ospreys did better, he and the Tin Boat came away with nearly a dozen catches [and releases] - with that brown trout to top off the trip!

Thanks for sharing Mark!

Speaking of outings - don't forget:

UPDATE [10.15.14]: Andy just mentioned he's down and out with a lingering illness and therefore will not be on the Deschutes this weekend; we have no official replacement lined up so it looks like anyone attending will be on their own. Take the opportunity to poke around and see who else may be there from TVTU! [oh and pack your own barbecued bacon wrapped shrimp and quiche...cuz the Rod Kill Grille will not be there]. Let us know how it goes!

LAST OUTING for 2014!
WHEN: October 17-20, 2014
WHERE: Deschutes River [Harpham Flats Campground]

WHAT TIME: late afternoon - Friday
WHAT to EXPECT: October
Deschutes means fishing for trout or steelhead - be prepared! Saturday night there will be a barbecue with TU supplying the meat. Those attending are encouraged to help by providing a salad, dessert or some other food item for the group. Cookout cancelled - "cookey" and the grille will not be there - ON YER OWN!
WHAT to BRING: it's a Campouting - bring your camp gear; some grub, your trout and/or steelhead gear; waders and all that other gear you've accumulated over the years that seems to fill all the crevices of your vehicle! Oh and it gets cold this time of year - so warm clothes and sleeping bag - some firewood would be awesome to add to the group fires!
DIRECTIONS: Head over Mt. Hood on highway 26 to the intersection of highway 216. Take 216 past Pine Grove to the intersection of highway 197. Turn right and go through the town of Maupin, cross over the Deschutes River and turn right, and in 0.2 miles take the right fork to River Road. Drive about 5 miles to the Harpham Flats Campground on your right.