Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gear Hounds - TAKE NOTE!!

IFTD 2015 New Product Showcase Winners Announced!

International Fly Tackle Dealer Announces 2015 New Product Showcase Winners

Over a thousand attendees of International Fly Tackle Dealer voted for their favorite new products for 2015. 28 categories were represented, from fly rods and waders to books and DVDs.
So get yer credit cards and head to the nearest local fly shop and stock up.....

Best of Show: Scott Fly Rod Co: The Meridian

Men’s Waders: Simms Fishing Products: WQW G3 Guide Waders
Women’s Waders: Redington: Willow River Wader
Chest Pack/Vest: Fishpond: Summit Sling
Men’s Outerwear: Simms Fishing Products: Vapor Elite Jkt
Women’s Outerwear: Simms Fishing Products: Women’s Hyalite Jkt
Youth Product: Umpqua Feather Merchants: Rock Creek 2S Chest Pack
Eco-Friendly Product: Fishpond: Thunderhead Sling
Fly Rod – Freshwater: Sage Fly Fishing: MOD
Fly Rod – Saltwater: Scott Fly Rod Co: The Meridian
Reel – Freshwater: Nautilus Reels: X 4/6
Reel – Saltwater: Nautilus Reels: X 7/9
Boat/Personal Watercraft: Estrada Art. LLC: Estrada Signature L2 Fish
Fly Line – Freshwater: RIO Products: The Light Line
Fly Line – Saltwater: RIO Products: In Touch Striper Line
Fly Box/Storage System: Tacky Fly Fishing: The Big Bug Box
Fly Tying Materials/Equipment: Peak Fishing: PRVLIRS
Fly Pattern – Freshwater: Fly Men Fishing Co: Broyhill’s Jack Knife
Fly Pattern – Saltwater: Umpqua Feather Merchants: Lexo’s Pop Up Crab
Accessory: Hatch Outdoors. Inc: The Hatch Nipper
Men’s General Apparel: Sage Fly Fishing: Guide Shirt
Women’s General Apparel: Simms Fishing Products: Women’s Pro REINA Shirt
DVD: Angler’s Book Supply: Tributaries: The Series
Book: Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures: Fly Fish Belize
Gift Item: DeYoung Studio: DeYoung Saltwater Pilsner
Luggage: Simms Fishing Products: Bounty Hunter 100 Roller
Wading Boots: Simms Fishing Products: The Intruder Boot