Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Project Healing Waters looking for some rowers....

PHW Driftboat Fleet        Photo: Joel La Follette

Jerry Lorang - wearer of many hats [TVTU Member/TVTU Board Member/PHW Leader/ Newsletter Editor/all around good guy] - contacted us today with a request for an upcoming PHW outing. Our friend and Owner of Royal Treatment Fly Fishing is organizing driftboat owners/rowers for the annual Pacific City outing and could use some willing and experienced owner/oarsman.

Give him a call if you can help: 
I am putting together the list of volunteer boat rowers for the Project Healing Waters trip on August 24th, 2015 @ Pacific City. This is my 5th year as the unofficial boat coordinator and I am reaching out to past volunteers plus a few new ones. You will need a suitable watercraft (Drift boat) with all required safety equipment and a cooler. This event allows deserving veterans to spend a day on the water and would not be possible without the volunteer boat rowers.
Once again I will be providing lunch for all volunteers and participants. Please let me know if you prefer ham or turkey when signing up for this event.
I have been assured that proper transportation has been arranged for the Vets this year, so I am looking for 10-12 boats in addition to mine.
If you have questions, call me at the shop.
Joel La Follette

For additional information on the day CLICK to Joel's website....