Monday, July 13, 2015

What'd I miss - July edition.....

Cook Park Shelter #3 - Home of the Annual TVTU Picnic
Well, I could go on and on about food, games, conversation, friends and more but instead - lets just let the photos do the talking!

Now THOSE are some EATS!! Thanks to all the great cooks and contributors!!
Andy Andrews showing grill skillz!
...not to be outdone - Dick Hollenbeck of CRTU and Oregon Council mans a mean grill!
Prez Erle with spouse and friends getting serious...about the FOOD!
...but not more serious than The Stonefly Maidens! Glad to have you visiting again!
Testing the structural capacity of paper plates....
No utensils necessary!
Shooting a bullseye on the casting course....with a range instructor!
Silent auction items....thanks to all contributors/donors. Special thanks to long time member Jim Fenner and active volunteer and member Peter Gray. Also thanks to Rick Applegate and Tom Wolf for special items: all told Ron [man of money-making] reports the chapter brought in $385 in donations!
Again THANK YOU to all participants in the 2015 TVTU Annual Picnic! What a success! To the organizers and cooks and donors and photographers - everyone - we appreciate the efforts! We hope to see everyone NEXT YEAR!

Don't forget:

July Outing!
WHEN: July 15, 2015 - Wednesday!
WHERE: Laurance Lake - Hood River County
WHAT TIME: mid-Morning - Kinnikinnick Day Use Area