Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Invasives, invasives, invasives!!!

Boat inspections continue to work....this was a good law from a few years ago that TU remains supportive of.

Zebra mussels from Texas found during boat inspection
Monday, July 6, 2015
SALEM, Ore – Last week, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife boat inspectors in Ashland discovered invasive Zebra mussels on a boat being hauled from Texas to Auburn, Washington. Zebra mussels range in size from microscopic to two inches long and can survive up to 21 days out of water depending on temperature and humidity.

Of the nearly 5,000 inspections done at stations around Oregon’s borders, this was the ninth contaminated boat detected this season. Leslie Bliss-Ketchum, Assistant Coordinator for the Oregon Invasive Species Council (OISC) says that launching even one boat contaminated with zebra mussels could spell disaster.

“Invasive species like the zebra mussel cause billions of dollars in ecological and economic damage in areas where they are introduced. Through the efforts of programs like the boat inspection stations, the Pacific Northwest has been able to keep these invaders from spreading to the region,” Bliss-Ketchum said.

The OISC was in nearby Central Point at a quarterly meeting and was able to observe the inspection process. The OISC also visited local invasive species project sites and learned more about other efforts such as monitoring for the emerald ash borer beetle, controlling aquatic weeds in southwestern Oregon, and responding to invasive gypsy moths in Grants Pass.

Here are some interesting stats and maps for the inspections and results for 2014:
Locations and Inspection Points - with Decontamination Actions

Western States Program Data - see how we stack up against the neighbors....