Saturday, April 6, 2013

Embrace-a-Stream – Grant Approved!

2010 Circle Creek - bridge replacement...Troy Laws

The news is in and the word is good for the TVTU EAS application filed this winter for restoration work at the Circle Creek site – TU national notified Mike Gentry and Alan Moore that the grant was approved and the funding is in place! Work can begin!
The proposed project is to apply the now-proven overwintering off-channel development concepts from the Necanicum project to “new waters”. A continuing dedication to the work done previously at Circle Creek, this project will include restoration and further development of an off-channel wetland complex at the Circle Creek Conservation Center site near Cannon Beach. We will implement the concepts successfully developed and employed by Doug Ray, Neal Maine and others at the amazing Neitzel Farm project over the last several years but will also include an interpretive/education aspect – a deck and footbridge access over the complex for public access and outreach.
Doug Ray is especially excited and has scheduled surveys to take place in the next few weeks thus allowing complex design to begin! Look for news on this project and how you can be involved! Things should get rolling by June!!

As an added note – it is not too late to involve yourself in the hopefully annual Christmas tree collection project – Christmas for Coho – the org committee for laying the groundwork is still forming with an inaugural meeting scheduled for April 11 - 7:00 p.m. in NE Portland! Contact Michael Ellis for information and directions as always - anyone with scheduling/organizational skills and a little bit of time is welcome!