Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lost Lake....FOUND!

Andy Andrews reports that he and 6 other TVTU members have found Lost Lake....and it has fish!
Lost Lake
Andy Andrews
Though the weather was not perfect - it is spring in Oregon after all - seven TU chapter members came to fish Lost Lake on Sunday. The tube flotilla hit the water around 10 a.m. and within minutes the first fish came to hand; a promising start! It was the first of at least 25 fish during the day for Andy himself (noting he didn't really count...) and it appeared that most of everyone of the group had similar results. The rainbows were cookie cutter 8" to 10" long with an occasionally larger fish to keep it interesting. Some of the steelhead noted for Lost Lake were seen cruising the surface.
The days weather was good until about noon when a hail storm moved in and the air temperature dropped; light rain showers followed later in the afternoon.  As for equipment used, just about any standard fly fish just below the surface was finding a fish.  A midge hatch came off most of the day and later in the afternoon there were reports of a callibaetis hatch witnessed by a few fishermen.  Though the fish were generally small they were very spunky and resisted coming to the net - which always puts a smile on your face.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and fished until mid afternoon.Catch the full details in the next issue of the newsletter (bad hooks, really bad hooks, Andy's secret fly, improvements to area, etc.). 

Thanks to those that came - Andy
The NEXT OUTING is scheduled for May 3-6 at South Twin Lake; plan on coming for the entire stay or just drop by and say ‘hello’ when your schedule allows! Hope to see you then! And remember - although not required - an RSVP to Andy is appreciated!