Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Suction Dredge Mining update

Per Tom Wolf - Salem's TU rep and lobbyist - SB401 and SB838 were both passed from the Senate Environmental and Natural Resources committee with a  'do pass' recommendation.
That's good news! They do have further to go and will soon be up for hearing with the Natural Resources Ways and Means sub-committee for final approval - if approved they will proceed to the Senate and House for floor votes after receiving the full Environmental and Natural Resources approval.
This remains somewhat contentious and may need some support from some citizenry if it goes to full vote. Pass on your preferences to be heard.

SB401 creates over 600 additional mile of scenic and natural waterway protections on specific streams and rivers in the southern portion of the State of Oregon.
SB838 is a moratorium on the use of  motorized equipment in precious metal extraction from the waters of Oregon and within 100 feet of streamside that hold anadromous or naturally reproducing bull trout. This bill replaces SB 115 by assigning a time frame to the moratorium to allow further study [January 2018]. You may recall California Water Quality Commission has reaffirmed that state's moratorium.

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