Monday, April 15, 2013

More Legislative Activity

Forwarded from our friend and Master of all things Salem - Tom Wolf....
HB 2396 - Large Woody debris: this bill just had a hearing in the Senate Environment and Natural Resources. Now I am working with the chairs of House Ag and Senate Natural resources committees-and others-to make some amendments to the language for clarity.

HB 3437 - ODFW Commission License Requirement bill: Tom was the first to testify on this bill when it had a hearing before the House Agriculture and Natural Resources committee last Thursday. The committee was very favorable to the TU suggestions and I have had subsequent meetings with committee members, especially the chair, Rep. Brad Witt. He assures me that, as TU suggested, an advisory committee should be formed to do a study on reviewing and improving the appointment process.

SB 830 - Gill Net Fleet Changeover Funding [result of the Columbia River management plan]: TU testified in favor of this but it has not had a work session yet. Among other things provides grant funding for Counties to compensate them during methods transitions on the Columbia fisheries.

ODFW budget: testimony forthcoming before Ways and Means NR. TU is in general favor of the proposed ODFW budget  - suggesting a few cuts and other redirections.

SB 357 - Forestry Management Policy direction: testimony before the Senate Rural Communities committee is due. TU will, as in the past, oppose this type of bill which removes/limits forest management from the current Board of Forestry.

SB 401 / SB 838 - Scenic Waterways and Suction Dredge Mining Moratorium bill: first SB838 was borne as moratorium with date restriction for study as a result of SB 115 introduction. These come up before the Senate Environment Committee on April 15. Jack Williams, TU senior scientist, will be one of the key experts in support of this bill while I, during the general public testimony, will deliver economic reasons to support this bill.

SB 217 - Water Management Fee: this is the bill which would propose fees for water rights with caps. TU has been involved in a work group developing this bill. It comes up before the Senate Environment Committee on April 16 - TU will support it.