Friday, October 11, 2013

Deschutes River Outing

Have you made it to the Deschutes this year? How about this month? Have you been telling yourself you NEED to get there? Well, stop the excuses and join TVTU on THE River - The 'D'; The Big 'D'; The Dez Shoots! Whatever you call it - be there!

In a flurry of fall activity this month TVTU outings are nearing an end - in fact, after this trip there will be no more until 2014! The Deschutes trip coming up OCTOBER 18-21 will be the final organized trip for 2013! Be certain not to miss it! Even if you cannot make the full 4 day adventure - swing by on your schedule and swing some flies in the river with the TVTU crew! A bit shy? Bring a friend to join in - cannot hurt the cause and may boost the entertainment!

The campground of choice for this adventure will be Harpham Flats Campground upriver from Maupin [4 miles south via Upper Deschutes River Road]. A potluck BBQ will be held Saturday night with a carnivores delight entre provided by TU - please help by providing a side dish, salad, or dessert.

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During this time of year both redsides and steelhead are in the river and are making up the catches - the word is the river is fishing well [check with Andy or even one of our local shops for more specifics - Joel or Nick @ Royal Treatment Fly Fishing, Don or Sara @ River City, Northwest Fly Fishing Outfitters]. If you've never been or are a veteran come and play - learn or teach - meet new folks - have some fun!

For more information
contact Andy Andrews
971 - 409 - 6149
[although not required a RSVP is always considerate!]