Tuesday, October 29, 2013

North Coast Site Tour

On Wednesday, October 23rd, 7 members of the Tualatin Valley chapter of Trout Unlimited met for a tour of the projects we have been involved in over the years. In attendance were Erle Norman, Jon Pampush, Greg Fritts, Mike Coddington, Robert Williams, Michael Ellis, and the leader of the tour, Doug Ray.

Cedars, bull rushes and sedges getting established

We started at the Thompson family property just below Klootchy Creek County park, where we have helped to construct an off channel wetland complex and planted many native plants. The plantings have done well since we planted them last February. The many trees, shrubs, bull rushes etc. are becoming established. The wetland complex is in fine shape with lots of growing coho fry, some of whom we were able to see, despite their mostly nocturnal behavior. Doug gave us a most complete rundown on how this ecosystem works and his commentary was fascinating.

Aquatic plants are becoming well established

Some of the christmas trees we put in last January. Note the ones that are submerged are still covered with needles and algae etc.

The end of the newest part of the off channel wetland complex on the Thompson property