Friday, October 4, 2013

NEW TVTU Partner Project!!

Schedule Sunday - October 27th to be there!!!
In hopes of boosting volunteer attendance by making the travel shorter to our projects - as well as keeping projects close to our 'home' territory, the Board made an effort to locate some conservation partners right here in the Tualatin Valley.

Our most recent Board member and active participant - Mark Rogers has come through! Working in his very own neighborhood with the City of Tigard Mark and Michael have a nice little restoration project on a urban stream in Tigard - Derry Dell Creek.

On Sunday, October 27th, members of Tualatin Valley Trout Unlimited will be doing some restoration work on Derry Dell Creek in conjunction with the City of Tigard. We will be planting ferns and forbs as well as pulling English Ivy and Morning glories. Some of the work will be in stream so bring waterproof boots.

Efforts will start at 9 AM and continue until 1 PM. Meet up with fellow TVTU participants on site at SW Pathfinder Way and 107th Court in Tigard.  Derry Dell Creek runs under 107th and then under Pathfinder.  There is street parking and a large grassy corner for staging.  We will be working both up and down the creek from there.

You will need some rubber boots as we will be working in the streambed. You should also bring gloves. This should be an easy event to plan on attending as it is such a short drive!

There is a real effort going on in various reaches of the creek for connectivity - not only for local wildlife but also.....cutthroat! Shhhhh!!! Come and find out - Mark has some interesting background!

[to let him know if you will be able to make this new project!]