Thursday, October 31, 2013

North Coast Site Tour part 2

Next we went to Neitzel Farms, another Off Channel Wetland Complex (OCWC) that TVTU helped to build and plant. 

At Neitzel Farms, from left: Les Neitzel, Mike Coddington, Robert Williams, Doug Ray, Greg Fritts, Jon Pampush, Erle Norman

We were fortunate enough to see Les Neitzel there and it was really nice to re-make his acquantaince. Les keeps the grass mowed and generally performs all the needed maintenance. We haven’t done any work there since we planted trees and shrubs back in 2010. My how those plants have grown. The wetland is almost invisible due to the dense growth of native plants that have grown up around it. The conifer forest is now up about 6 feet or more.
Members of TVTU check out the plantings around the OCWC at Neitzel Farms
from left: Jon Pampush, Mike Coddington, Doug Ray and Erle Norman

This side of the Off Channel Wetland Complex faces Highway 26. The complex is not visible through the trees and shrubs

Members walk between the OCWC on the left and the growing conifer forest on the right

You can just see some water through all the foliage here

This native planting is along the bank of the Necanicum River

Doug explains how the connection to the Necanicum from the OCWC works

Part 3
(follow TVTU to the new Off Channel Wetland Complex at the North Coast Land Conservancy's Circle Creek property)